The American Brain Coalition is a non-profit organization comprised of the United States’ leading professional neurological, psychological, and psychiatric associations and patient organizations. Together, we seek to advance the understanding of the functions of the brain, and to reduce the burden of brain disorders through public education and advocacy.

With an established presence in Washington, DC, ABC is a strong and powerful voice for the 50 million people with disabling brain disorders, bringing together organizations that represent concerned and interested patients, families, and professionals. This voice is used to advocate for increased support of research that leads to better treatment; services and support that improves patients’ quality of life; as well as a national commitment towards finding cures for individuals with disabling neurological and psychiatric disorders.

On behalf of the 50 million patients who live with neurological and psychiatric disorders, we invite organizations that share our concerns and goals to join us in our educational, engagement and advocacy efforts.


American Brain Coalition 2018 Annual Membership Meeting 

was held October 25, 2018 in Washington, D.C



Young Investigator Opportunities
ABC feels it is important for young scientists to know about the various funding opportunities available to them, particularly from alternate funding resources.

We have created a list of funding opportunities from the National Institutes of Health, from patient advocacy groups, and from professional organizations, whose websites provide this information. Check it out!


ABC's Upcoming Webinar:

Preserving the Six Protected Classes and Why it Should Matter to Brain Disease Advocates

being held on December 19th from 11am-12pm ET



Andrew Sperling, JD, Director, Federal Legislative Advocacy, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) & ABC Board Member

Pam Traxel, Senior Vice President, Alliance Development and Philanthropy, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Inc.

Catherine Finley, Senior Advisor, Partnership for Part D Access

American Brain Coalition

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