Understanding the Brain

ABC serves and advocates for those with disabling brain disorders and their families. Below are resources that provide information on various aspects of how the brain works and on neurological and psychiatric disorders. In addition, ABC has put together a FAQ guide on what you need to know about participating in the latest clinical research.

  • Brainfacts.org is public information initiative that provides educational materials on what we know about the brain. It also provides information about the field’s understanding of causes, symptoms, and outcomes of brain disorders.
  • Learn about new discoveries in brain technology and the potential of the U.S. BRAIN Initiative by watching this Brainfacts.org webinar.
  • Check out our new page dedicated to informing you about U.S. and global efforts to understand the brain.
  • Use the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke’s Disorder Index to find information on neurological disorders.
  • The ABC’s “need to know” information about being involved in clinical research. (Page coming soon.)



BrainFacts.org offers a way for people of all ages to learn more about how the brain works, how it drives thought and behavior, and its role in brain diseases and disorders. BrainFacts.org, a public information initiative of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN), The Kavli Foundation, and the Gatsby Charitable, features nearly 1,000 accessible, scientifically reviewed resources about the brain and mind. Brainfacts.org also provides information on a list of more than 400 neurological disorders. Included in this information are symptom descriptions, treatment options, and prognosis, along with information about ongoing research on causes, diagnosis, and potential therapies. Contact information for related professional and health organizations is also featured.

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NIH Directors, Drs. Joshua Gordon and Walter Koroshetz presenting at 2018 BRAIN Fair.

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