Program Committee

Patrick McCartney
Executive Director
International Essential Tremor Foundation


Bobby Heagerty
Emeritus Director, Community Affairs & Education
Oregon Health & Science University

Matthew Rizzo, MD
ABC Board Chair
Frances and Edgar Reynolds Professor and Chair
Department of Neurological Sciences
University of Nebraska Medical Center


The American Brain Coalition (ABC) Program Committee is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring educational programs offered by the Coalition. The Committee will also evaluate and recommend to the ABC Board of Directors any partnerships or collaborations that will contribute to the program goals of the ABC. 

The Committee will be a standing committee reporting to the Board of Directors, is established pursuant to Section 3.4 of the Bylaws.  The Committee may include both Board and non-Board members whose experience and qualifications may assist the Committee and the Board in the performance of their oversight responsibilities.  The Executive Director shall serve as staff to the Committee. A majority of the Committee members, present and voting, shall constitute a quorum.  

Committee Charter:

•    To develop, implement and monitor ABC programs approved by the Board of Directors and offered to
      the ABC membership and the public via webinars, webcasts, other social media outlets, and educational
      sessions during Membership Meetings;

•    To initiate and guide program evaluations;

•    To assess and manage any partnerships or collaborative efforts regarding ABC programs; and

•    To facilitate discussions about program priorities and collaborations for the ABC. 


American Brain Coalition

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