The American Brain Coalition was founded to bring together individual entities to enhance our collective ability to accelerate research that will provide better treatments and cures. These partnerships are critical to empower patients and facilitate brain research.

ABC is uniquely positioned to act as a forum for professional nonprofit, corporate, government agencies, universities, and patient advocacy groups and to encourage the development of coordinated activities on a shared agenda. In representation of our diverse membership, we provide a united voice on policy issues that affect our communities. We invite you to work alongside our other member organizations to shape the ABC’s focus and activities.


ABC provides a unified voice and works to ensure that policy which will ultimately benefit all of those interested in patient care and research related to brain disorders and diseases has widespread support.

ABC members are eligible and encouraged to attend ABC membership meetings and vote on organizational leadership.

ABC membership provides networking opportunities among its diverse membership of patient, family, researcher, and clinician organizations.

ABC tracks legislation and agency activity and provides timely updates to ABC members. We also inform members of opportunities to weigh on issues that affect your community.

ABC offers access to an online legislative software program to make writing letters to Members of Congress easy and efficient.

ABC works with member organizations to identify representatives of the patient and research scientist perspectives to speak at Congressional Neuroscience Caucus briefings on Capitol Hill and other brain education activities.

ABC offers educational webinars to members on a wide range of topics which are of interest to the brain disease community. 


Nonprofit Members:

Brain-related advocacy organizations representing patients and families, joined with professional scientific and clinical organizations, as well as academic institutions representing researchers and clinicians, constitute the non-profit member category.

Corporate/For-Profit Members:

Corporations that support the ABC’s mission, as well as maintaining a working relationship with ABC non-profit members, constitute the corporate/for-profit membership category.


Government agencies that may be invited or request permission to participate in meetings, but do not have voting rights and are not required to make a financial contribution.


Jeffrey Borenstein, MD, President & CEO of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, speaking at the Congressional Neuroscience Caucus briefing on public and private investment in the BRAIN Initiative.

Noel Heiks, CEO of MVTRAK, MD; Dr. Ann McKee, a Professor of Neurology & Pathology at Boston University and Chief of Neuropathology at VA Boston Healthcare System; Karen & Doug Zegel, President & Executive Board, The Patrick Risha CTE Awareness Foundation

American Brain Coalition

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