ABCI2 Overview

As the largest coalition advocating for brain science, the ABC established the Innovation Initiative (ABCI2), a collaborative program to stimulate private investment in brain-related research and strengthen the entire research and development system for expedited translation of neuroscience research into life changing therapies and cures. This ABC advocacy effort is comprised of key stakeholders within the brain community, including patient advocacy groups, professional societies, and industry, collaborating to advance policy positions, legislation and regulations that will strengthen for-profit incentives to invest in neuroscience research.



The goals and objectives of the American Brain Coalition Innovation Initiative (ABCI2) are to:

  • Increase private sector investment in central nervous system (CNS) treatments to reverse the slide caused by companies exiting the space;
  • Create more push/pull incentives to encourage investment;
  • Enhance public awareness of the importance of private sector engagement in brain research to improve upon current treatments and cures;
  • Enable more CNS-related public/private partnerships developing projects and initiatives to advance brain research and commercial development.


The ABC will lead the community in identifying the causes for divestment, building the case for why reinvestment is important to patients and the public, identifying educational, legislative and/or regulatory solutions, and advocating for those solutions. 


Leveraging the existing infrastructure, the ABC has expanded its focus to generate and disseminate a higher volume and quality of information related to the need for private investment in neuroscience research. This focused effort will amplify existing elements of our successful, multi-dimensional issue-advocacy campaign.



 “The ABC is grateful to our industry partners

  who continue to champion translational

 and clinical neuroscience research;

we desire to see their work continue

 and grow for many years to come.”  

Robin Elliott, ABCI2 Chair

American Brain Coalition

P.O. Box 1549 | Maple Grove, MN 55311 | Phone: (763) 516-3583