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Investment in Neuroscience Research and Development:

A Statement of Challenge and Opportunity”


This statement provides an expression of broad concern in the nonprofit brain community regarding divestment from neuroscience development at a time where federal government investments are creating opportunities for new treatments. It does not propose any policy solutions, but represents a commitment, as individual organizations and as a community, to devote more time to taking a holistic look at neuroscience R&D to identify ways that we can facilitate the development of new therapies for patients.


The ABC believes it is important to create an environment that fosters the translation of basic research discoveries – made possible by the over $7 billion in annual funding for neuroscience research at the National Institutes of Health and efforts like the BRAIN Initiative – into the development of treatments for patients and their physicians.  


The statement is open to nonprofit organizations only. Once we have collected signatures, we will circulate this message from the neuroscience community among Congress, the Administration, and the public to raise awareness of the opportunities created by federal investment in science and the challenges that still exist to bringing treatments to patients.  We will prominently display this statement on our website and social media outlets, and welcome you to do the same. 

The ABC encourages nonprofit organizations to join our statement of challenge and opportunity.

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Capitol Hill and Other Fora

The ABCI2 will host one or more briefings to highlight the research and engage national thought-leaders who can further highlight the value of private investments in neuroscience. These fora would include patients, researchers, and providers, and will be designed to bolster the need for action on incentives for private industry.

Stakeholder Engagement

In order to amplify the message to policymakers, the ABCI2 will work to build and expand its partnerships. Engagement will be implemented in two stages: Building off the successes of previous education efforts on this issue, the ABCI2 will host a series of additional webinars and panel discussions to educate, engage, and mobilize organizations in the brain community as part of the overall effort to garner support for legislative and regulatory solutions to decreased private investment in brain-related conditions. Materials developed from the research described above will be incorporated into this program. Secondly, the ABCI2 will work to enlist partners outside of the brain community, when appropriate, to demonstrate to policy-makers that legislative and regulatory solutions can have a wide-reaching positive impact on many disease areas.

Policymaker Outreach and Engagement

The ABC will continue to catalyze support for private investment in brain-related research through a series of strategic meetings, letters and other actions all generated from the research being amassed.

Among them:

  • Meetings with key staff from House and Senate committees with jurisdiction
    over health issues, health funding, patents, and related matters;
  • Meetings with key Executive Branch personnel with similar jurisdictions;
  • Supporting and opposing specific pieces of legislation based on its impact on
    brain research investment;
  • Advancing congressional communications, such as sign-on letters,
    congressional alerts, and op-eds; and
  • Arranging patient group meetings with Administration leadership.
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