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The impact of brain-related diseases and disorders on our society is enormous, yet the level of development and approval of new therapeutics continues to lag behind the other disease groups.  It is estimated that over 50 million Americans have a neurological or psychiatric condition. The nine most common brain-related conditions alone cost Americans an estimated $789 billion per year, a figure that is projected to increase sharply as the elderly population doubles from 2011 to 2050. More importantly, the costs to patients and their families to address the many unmet needs we face is too great.

The ABC has established the Innovation Initiative (ABCI2), a collaborative program to stimulate private investment in brain-related research, and strengthen the entire research and development system for expedited translation of neuroscience research into life changing therapies and cures. This ABC advocacy effort is comprised of key stakeholders within the brain community, including patient advocacy groups, professional societies, and industry, collaborating to strengthen the for-profit incentives to invest in neuroscience research – positively impacting brain disorders.

The American Brain Coalition is uniquely positioned to lead the conversation in investigating solutions to the disinvestment in industry neuroscience research and development. The ABC, represents more than 100 organizations consisting of patient organizations, professional societies, academic institutions, and industry. ABC members can credibly speak to the need, access thought leaders in this area, and provide a powerful voice to the patients calling for new and better treatments for neurological and psychiatric conditions. 

The ABC is pleased to announce the approval of a 2020 plan of action, recommended by the ABCI2 Task Force, and approved by the ABC Board of Directors in the fall of 2019. Approved strategies include:  

  1. Explore the use of an adaptive approval pathway for repurposed therapeutics to incentivize CNS product development
  2. Explore the use of tax credits to incentivize research and development investments in neuroscience
  3. Develop a health economic study of alternative mechanisms to incentivize CNS product development
  4. Increase collaboration across CNS partners and others involved in health research and services

Please view the ABCI2 Process Summary and listen to an overview presented during the Annual Membership Meeting for more information on the above strategies and next steps of this important initiative.

“We hope to build on the community momentum we’ve created as a result of our focus on generating scientific breakthroughs. After all, scientific advancements have little value if not available to the people that need them.”

    Janet Hieshetter,
ABC Past Chair


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