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The American Brain Coalition believes that it is critically important that every American, young and old, be able to access appropriate and timely healthcare. Have you had a problem getting a doctor’s appointment? Difficulties paying for critical services and treatments? Challenges finding insurance that will cover your medical needs? Issues trying to see a specialist? Or, perhaps, there has been another challenge associated with accessing care that you would like to tell us?

We want to hear from you! Please submit your story, indicating your state in the subject line to:

Personal stories from real people often strike a chord with policymakers. In order to make a compelling case for changes to our current health care system, we need your help. Sharing your experiences with us will help to illuminate the issue for those in Congress. Please be assured that all information will be kept anonymous and may be used in future advocacy activities.

Thank you in advance for sharing your stories.

Team Daniel, running to support schizophrenia research:



Team Daniel, running to support schizophrenia research: Neil Barber, living with schizophrenia (left) and his father, Greg Barber. Greg started an event called "Neil's Wheels" to that works to address the urgent and mounting issues of the homeless community and the need for continued research into mental health issues in support of improved treatments and hopefully a cure.

PDF Champions Ambassador Ivory Latta with her father, who lives with Parkinson's, at her first Celebrity Bowl-a-thon for Parkinson's.

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