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ABC provides its members with biweekly science advocacy and news updates, and important information about our members’ events, reports, and initiatives.


Highlights from ABC News & Updates – October 26, 2015


National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins warned a Congressional subcommittee that a number of the agency’s key initiatives would be set back if it does not get additional funding in fiscal year 2016.

The American Brain Coalition endorsed the Orphan Product Extensions Now, Accelerating Cures & Treatments (OPEN ACT).


The NIH-funded Human Connectome Project (HCP) has been making progress on how brain wiring may be linked to uniquely human traits.

HHS awarded up to $22.9 million in planning grants for certified community behavioral health clinics.


Highlights from ABC News & Updates – October 1, 2015


US Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) unveiled a bill that would create prize-based incentives to encourage more public-private collaboration in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of dementia.


The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies and SharpBrains organized a seminar entitled ‘The Neurotechnology Revolution: Market Trends and Impacts’ on Sept 29, 2015.

NIH launched a landmark study on substance abuse and adolescent brain development; thirteen grants were awarded to look at cognitive and social development in approximately 10,000 children.

Read about former US Congressman Patrick Kennedy’s first book ‘A Common Struggle’ and his journey with mental illness in the US.


Highlights from ABC News & Updates – September 17, 2015


The NIH and 15 other agencies proposed to make significant revisions to the regulations that protect individuals who participate in research – the Common Rule.

NIH Director Francis Collins issued a statement regarding Dr. Thomas Insel’s decision to step down as director of the National Institute of Mental Health.


CurePSP – a non-profit organization supporting awareness, education and care for devastating neurodegenerative diseases held its first annual care partners retreat for caregivers of those diagnosed with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) – an atypical type of Parkinson’s disease.

ABC member, the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, held a webinar about rare genetic variations that may lead to major depressive disorders.


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Microphotographs of acetylcholinesterase (AchE) expression in a coronal slice of the dorsal hippocampus, an area important for learning and memory, in the left hemisphere of the brain from a rat. Microphotographs in this diagram were taken at a total magnification of 10x at approximately Bregma -2.80. Imaged donated by Megan Anderson Brooks

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